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What Can I Give My 3 Year Old For A Stomach Bug

In other words, its a "stomach flu" It can last from 3-5 days or 10-14 days depending on how well you treat it. These instructions that I am about to give you are directly from my childs pediatrician and also from my experience. You must get your son to drink plenty of pedialyte solution. Only samll sips at a time. Treating Symptoms of Your Child's Stomachache Have the child lie down and rest.

Don't give the child fluids for about 2 hours after the last vomiting. The heat will relax his muscles and provide relief from stomach pain. 3. Apply asafoetida paste. Asafoetida or hing is also an effective remedy for stomach pain in toddlers. It eases stomach pain by aiding the release of gases from the body. Mix some hing powder in water to make a paste and apply it around the child’s belly button.


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