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Re-Start: Appling New Lessons and Changing Course

It's been about four years now. I had had it with myself and a poorly run art business. I officially quit, packed it all up, shut down my website, closed my business license and stopped creating. That was it I was done.

Except... I still had this nagging voice in my head saying go make something. So I would. And the things I made would be good or bad, sometimes ugly.

Finally, I figured it out, it isn't the sales, it isn't watching someone else connect with the art, it isn't making something to please someone else, it is the process of getting lost in the flow of making something, anything. I search it out, being all-in the moment, lost in a world of pens, paint, paper and all the art things. And then, stepping back, out of the moment and looking at what your inner genius created. Sometimes I am amazed, sometimes disappointed but always, always I enjoy the process. There are times it is so easy and quick to create a masterpiece and other days it is like ripping off a Band-Aid.

Over the last three to four years I have been blessed to work in a corporate job I love, where my job is (did you guess it), creating things. While working for others, I have made mental note of how they market their business, how they treat the customer, but mostly how they treat the people they work with.

During this same time, I have discovered youtube (I was late to the party). Every day I watch a video on business or culture or how to better ones self. Although, I still have a long way to go, I am learning and growing.

One time a couple years ago I posted an image with the words "I can't, NOT Create" Though incorrect grammar, it is still true.

I cannot wait to show you all the new things that will be created. You can find me on facebook and tik tok, youtube, linked in, and instagram.

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