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All The Feels

Does the art on your wall make you feel something?

Hope, Sadness, Love, Joy? Is it a reminder of the best day ever or a favorite vacation?

Each and every time I make a work of art, what I feel ends up in the work. Good, bad or indifferent I believe you can see in the quality produced the amount of joy that is radiating out of my hands.

Time does not always equal a masterpiece and a masterpiece does not happen every day.

In my opinion making art every day, rain or shine, feeling good or feeling bad leads to an improvement of skill level, speed of creation and ever now and again, a work of art that is just plain perfect. Perfect in the imperfection. Radiating out of it the feelings of the artist and bringing them together with the viewer in beautiful matrimony.

If you look at a work of mine and it makes you feel, I have fulfilled my purpose. If you look at a work of mine and you feel so much you have to have it, you honor me with that action.

I create art for the feeling of getting lost in the flow. Just making the work brings me so much enjoyment, I can't put it into words. When I really am lost in the flow losing track of time and space that is truly when I feel most in touch with the holy spirit and it is reflected on the page. As I sit back and look at what has been created I am almost always in awe of the final product.

I believe many people know this feeling. The feeling of loving to do something causing the mind to get lost in the creation. For you it could be sports or fitness, it could be cooking or baking, it could be teaching or reading, it could be working on a car or a boat. If you don't know this feeling I urge you to think back to your childhood and remember what you loved to do, perhaps then the feeling will return to you.

This work, "Hope" causes me all the feels. Happy, sad and peaceful. Enjoy!

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